Piano Storage Secaucus

Piano Storage SecaucusPiano Storage is one of the most required services by homeowners and businesses in New York, and Secaucus since many customers need proper handling and moving from time to time.

Costs to move and store a piano in Secaucus

It is common to have such a question as to how much does it cost to move or place a piano in storage. However, the answers vary from one piano to another. For example, homeowners in Secaucus tend to have big homes. And counting each stair for taking a piano from the second floor to the first may seem unusual, but it is a determining factor to the cost of moving and handling your piano.

For us to properly assess the cost of getting your piano moved and properly stored in our piano storage facility, we will need information such as the type of piano, the brand of piano, the number of stairs, the style of stairs and the time frame for storage. Once we have this information we can assess your requirements accurately and give you a price that is set in stone and no hidden fees will be applied when our job is completed.

Piano Storage Solutions in Secaucus

With over 15 years of experience working with pianos and moving them from one side of the region to another, we know what it takes to maintain a piano. Our storage warehouse is properly heated, and the temperature maintained so that we don’t have fluctuations that may affect the state of the wood. Humidity levels are also maintained so that your piano doesn’t absorb moist that can defect your piano or cause mould. With Piano Storage NY you are 100% guaranteed customer satisfaction.

Our company works with all piano brands, including;

Yamaha Pianos, Young Chang Pianos, Wyman Piano Co. Pianos, Wurlitzer Pianos, Welmar Pianos, Weber Pianos, Walter, Charles R. Pianos, Stuart Piano Co. Pianos, Steinway & Sons Pianos, Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos, Shigeru-Kawai Pianos, Seiler Pianos, Schulze Pollmann Pianos, Schimmel Pianos, Samick Piano Co. Pianos, Royale Piano Co. Pianos, Ridgewood  Pianos, Pramberger Pianos, Pleyel & Co. Pianos, Petrof Pianos, Overs Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Co. Pianos, Kawai Pianos, Irmler Pianos, IBach Pianos, Hallet & Davis Pianos, Haessler Pianos, Feurich Pianos, Fazioli Pianos, Fandrich Piano Co. Pianos, Fandrich & Sons Pianos, Estonia Pianos, Essex Pianos, Dongbei Piano Co., Ltd., Pianos, Chavanne Pianos, Boston Pianos, Bösendorfer Pianos, Blüthner Pianos, Bechstein Pianos, Baldwin Pianos, August Förster Pianos.

Call us today! If you’re located in Secaucus and looking for a professional company to handle your piano storage requirements as well as moving, we are the ones to consider. We are insured and able to undertake all piano sizes with expertise and excellence.