Piano Storage Brooklyn

Piano Storage BrooklynTransporting and storing your piano is not an easy task. You should always remember that proper handling and proper maintenance of the piano is the make or break when it comes to handling your piano.

Piano Storage NY is one of the most reliable piano moving and storage companies in Brooklyn. We have over 100 pianos stored in our facility and we make sure that each and every piano is handled professional using the latest technology when it comes to temperature adjustments and proper humidification.

Our professional piano movers and storage facility workers will come to your house or commercial space and plan out the piano moving task. After proper assessment of the space, we bring the tools and covers to ensure that our piano moving is successful and no damage is done to the piano or the walls.

After moving your piano into our truck, we make sure that it is stable and standing still to reduce shock or bumping when our truck takes on the road. With proper handling, we also ensure that the piano is taken by a professional white glove delivery team member that will sign in and sign off the delivery ensuring safe and reliable transportation.

Piano Storage Brooklyn

Our storage facility accommodates pianos of all size and brands. Whether it is a baby piano, square piano, upright piano, upright grand piano, concert grands, organs and Pianos, digital Pianos, spinets & console. Here are some of the piano brands we handle and carry.

  • Yamaha Pianos
  • Young Chang Pianos
  • Wyman Piano Co. Pianos
  • Wurlitzer Pianos
  • Welmar Pianos
  • Weber Pianos
  • Walter, Charles R. Pianos
  • Stuart Piano Co. Pianos
  • Steinway & Sons Pianos
  • Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos
  • Shigeru-Kawai Pianos
  • Seiler Pianos
  • Schulze Pollmann Pianos
  • Schimmel Pianos
  • Samick Piano Co. Pianos
  • Royale Piano Co. Pianos
  • Ridgewood Pianos
  • Pramberger Pianos
  • Pleyel & Co. Pianos
  • Petrof Pianos
  • Overs Pianos
  • Mason & Hamlin Co. Pianos
  • Kawai Pianos
  • Irmler Pianos
  • IBach Pianos
  • Hallet & Davis Pianos
  • Haessler Pianos
  • Feurich Pianos
  • Fazioli Pianos
  • Fandrich Piano Co. Pianos
  • Fandrich & Sons Pianos
  • Estonia Pianos
  • Essex Pianos
  • Dongbei Piano Co., Ltd., Pianos
  • Chavanne Pianos
  • Boston Pianos
  • Bösendorfer Pianos
  • Blüthner Pianos
  • Bechstein Pianos
  • Baldwin Pianos
  • August Förster Pianos

To accommodate every piano or grand piano, we ensure that each piano is wrapped properly and checked upon if the storage requires over a month of time. You can choose the timing desired whether it is for one day or years.

Piano Storage Services – Brooklyn

  • Professionally Trained Piano Movers
  • Knowledge of Piano Moving and storage Techniques
  • Modern Equipment for handling
  • Padding and Packing Materials

To hear more about our Brooklyn piano storage and moving services, contact our office today. Feel free to fill out the form below to get a quick estimate for storing your piano at our secured facilities.

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