Piano Storage Bronx

Bronx piano storage

Bronx piano storageGetting your piano, whether baby or grand piano to a storage facility isn’t an easy task. Thus, you need to call a professional piano handling company in the Bronx.

You should always remember that proper handling and maintenance of your piano is the key to successfully getting the piano from one place to another. So whether you’re in Bronx looking to move and store your piano locally or in Brooklyn looking for storage your piano anywhere in NYC, you got the right team and company for the task.

Piano Storage NY has worked with over 1000 pianos in the last 15 years. We’re one of the most reliable storage and moving companies available in New York and our team is unlike any other in the area.

To ensure the proper handling of your piano, we can either wrap and carry your piano by hand, or crane it through the window if necessary. Depending on the size and style of the piano, Piano Storage NY is ready to undertake the job of moving your piano into our storage facility in which can accommodate your piano for days or even years.

Piano Storage Bronx

So are you renovating your home and you need a storage facility to accommodate your piano? Or perhaps you’re a pianist wandering from town to town, playing the piano in concerts and shows, Piano Storage NY is here to store and move your piano wherever you are. We have storage facilities in the Bronx as well as Brooklyn, New Jersey, Manhattan and more. We can accommodate one piano, ten or a hundred. Whether you’re an individual or a business, we are ready to move and store your pianos.

Piano brands we handle and place in our piano storage facility:

Yamaha Pianos, Young Chang Pianos, Wyman Piano Co. Pianos, Wurlitzer Pianos, Welmar Pianos, Weber Pianos, Walter, Charles R. Pianos, Stuart Piano Co. Pianos, Steinway & Sons Pianos, Steingraeber & Söhne Pianos, Shigeru-Kawai Pianos, Seiler Pianos, Schulze Pollmann Pianos, Schimmel Pianos, Samick Piano Co. Pianos, Royale Piano Co. Pianos, Ridgewood  Pianos, Pramberger Pianos, Pleyel & Co. Pianos, Petrof Pianos, Overs Pianos, Mason & Hamlin Co. Pianos, Kawai Pianos, Irmler Pianos, IBach Pianos, Hallet & Davis Pianos, Haessler Pianos, Feurich Pianos, Fazioli Pianos, Fandrich Piano Co. Pianos, Fandrich & Sons Pianos, Estonia Pianos, Essex Pianos, Dongbei Piano Co., Ltd., Pianos, Chavanne Pianos, Boston Pianos, Bösendorfer Pianos, Blüthner Pianos, Bechstein Pianos, Baldwin Pianos, August Förster Pianos.

Piano Storage Services Bronx

Our storage location is currently servicing the whole region. To accommodate a new piano, we ensure that the position of your piano is perfect for the humidity and heat throughout the facility. Our professionals will assess the condition of your piano, whether new or vintage and properly place it in the most suitable place.

To get more information about our piano storage and moving services in the New York Metro, contact our office today. We will assess your requirements and help you move and store your piano.

Our team offers the following piano moving & storage solutions:

If you’re looking for a reliable piano storage and moving company that has great 5 star ratings and reviews in the New York Area, Call us now.